Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Lost Wedding Ring

It's a strange story. Don't know if it's ghost related, kid related, or miracle related.

Many years ago - 15 or so - I lost my wedding ring. Just a simple band, nothing fancy. 15 to 20 years pass and I don't often think of it any more. I consider buying another one, but there's always more pressing uses of the money. Over the years I accuse my wife, in a teasing way, that she pawned my ring. She rolls her eyes and ignores me. Kids come and go, possessions come and go, and we even move about 4 years ago. If it was going to turn up, it would have turned up by now.

Yesterday I'm looking for something and open a jewelry box on my dresser. There, laying on top of a pile of silver coins I've collected over the years, was my ring.

The wife thinks it's our ghost. I think one of the kids stumbled across it and put it in there. It doesn't really matter. When I found it, I immediately put it on. Remember it hasn't been on for 15 years, and 15 pounds or so ago. It was difficult to slide on, and will probably never come off. So I won't have to worry about this scenario again...