Sunday, November 05, 2006

Cigarette Machines

My kids don't believe me. I tell them when I was a kid, you could go anywhere and buy cigarettes from a machine. When I was just starting to fool around with cigarettes in the early seventies, you could buy them out of a machine for about 50 cents a pack. We had a Dairy Queen close to our junior high school and they had a machine, as every place did. When the owner wasn't looking we'd buy them from the machine, always Marlboro box. If he caught us, he'd buy them back, yell a lot, then kick us out.

I still remember those cigarettes, the smell and feel of a new pack, and the swimming head and nausea that went along with them. But I stuck it out, and became hopelessly hooked. Today, after having quit 17 years ago, I still miss them.


Anonymous said...

Haven't thought about these things in a long time. My sitter used to send me down to the corner to buy her cigs from one of these. Thinking about that now- it seems so sordid. Attitudes change. And we don't even notice.

Jon said...

I still remember the feel of the lever as you pulled it out, the sound it made.

Strong memories.

And you're right, we often don't notice, or pay much attention to, the change in attitudes.

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