Monday, August 02, 2010

Bipolar Hope?

I was reading the blog I wrote chronicling the raising of my late son, who suffered from Bipolar Disorder. I started the blog in 2003 when my son was 19, and just graduated from high school. I maintained the blog until he died in 2008. But I read the early entries, and was reminded of the hope we had that each med would be his saving grace. Every parent goes through this, hoping that the med their child is on will ease their pain, and help them move towards normalcy. Usually, it doesn't work. It's all so futile, the doctors don't know what or how to prescribe, it's kind of like throwing a dart. And the meds often screw people up worse than the disorder. For anyone in this scenario I'd like to offer hope, but I really can't.

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Linda J. Bates said...

I am so sorry about your dear son's passing!!! I have Bi-Polar 2 Disorder. I struggle every day because my medications make me so tired. I have to take long naps most days!!! My husband just thinks I am lazy. He is mad at me for gaining weight also. I want to divorce him. I have 2 daughters, Lana(14) and Maria(6).I get so stressed alot. I have a hard time living with this disease.Well, take good care of you!!! (: