Thursday, June 14, 2012


Watching our beagle Charlie the other day, and this brought back some memories.  Remember the sheepdog named Ralph from the Roadrunner cartoons?  Sat on top of the cliff, protecting his flock of sheep?  He looked exactly like Charlie does here.  Except Charlie is not looking to protect anything, he's waiting for a squirrel or rabbit to be dumb enough to enter the yard.  

This is doubly memorable, my dad didn't make time for things like cartoons, but for some reason he loved The Roadrunner and Ralph,  the sheepdog.  He'd sit there with us Saturday mornings laughing at the silliness.  Interesting how this would be such a strong memory for me, yet he doesn't remember it at all.  If I'm still around, I want to ask my kids about similar memories when they become adults.

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