Thursday, September 29, 2005

How We've Changed

How have you changed since the seventies? Physically, mentally, politically, sexually, and so forth?

My political story, and hopefully this will trigger stories from others, which I will GLADLY post.

From the start, I was a conservative, raised by someone in the real estate and banking industry. Followed in the same footsteps, was active in the "Young Republicans" organization, and was a student volunteer in Ford's re-election campaign in 1976. I wasn't extremely right wing, but I was uncomfortable with the left wing radicalism on campuses, including our local campus.

Cut to the future, 20 plus years later. We owned a sporting goods store (including guns), and depended on a large portion of right wing customers. To even HINT at political support of anything but the right would have been economic suicide. I listened to Rush daily, subscribed to the Limbaugh Letter, and slid into the comfortable world of Dittoheads. You don't have to think for yourself, Rush is happy to do it for you.

We sell the store (effectively lose it), I go back to school to get a technical education. Rush isn't making as much sense any more. As our income drops to less than $20,000 a year with 5 kids and a house, we take advantage of free school lunches and the WIC program. We fight tooth and nail to keep our house and survive. We struggle back, and rise above the poverty level once again. In the meantime, we are challenged with a child suffering from Bipolar Disorder, have a brother that comes out of the closet, and have closely held beliefs challenged. Rush is starting to sound pretty wacked.

The wife and I, while we don't agree on everything, DO agree that the respect for life is our over-riding political concern. We are pro-life, anti-death penalty, anti-war. In other words, we aren't welcomed by any party. Bush's republican party doesn't want us, as we haven't believed a word they've said about Iraq from the start, and our doubts have ALL been borne out. And we refuse to let people forget that those are OUR kids being killed and maimed over there. The democrats don't want us, as we are NOT comfortable with abortion, and don't like the radical fringe animal rights, environmental, and other similar groups.

We ended up registering as Independents. We essentially throw away our votes, choosing idealogy over party.

But, I still like a good political discussion, so if this post has you seeing red, let me know why.

Enough on politics, and how they've changed for me since the seventies. I'd be interested in your stories!

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