Friday, October 14, 2011

Robbie Fulks Show

Saw Robbie Fulks tonight with a son. Had a great time. Robbie's an incredible musician, very intelligent, hilarious, and a very nice guy. Also a Product of the Seventies, although just on the edge. I had a chance to talk with him for a while before the show, he was friendly and gracious, and we both had a few laughs. He asked what my gig was, and I told him it would have been musician, but the F chord kicked my ass. He laughed and said the F chord still kicked his ass at times.

Here he is doing a song from a show 3 years ago, one of my favorite songs of his - It Takes A Long Time To Get Old. I requested it tonight, he said he hadn't played it for several years, then jumped into it and proceeded to blow the audience away.

Here is a pic of my son and I with Robbie after the show.

A very memorable night.

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